Monday, October 18, 2010

Not a WoW Update!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've totally been busy doing things that don't involve WoW, honestly. (That's a lie)

Anyhow, yesterday I played Starcraft 2 and had to update. Interested, I asked my friends what changed. The changes are everything I had hoped for and more!

First and foremost, they FINALLY nerfed Terran Reapers. Super awesome. First, barracks cannot be built without a supply depot, and second, the upgrade requires a factory. No more lame cheesy ass reaper rushes, yay!

Even as a Protoss player, I'm glad to see Void Rays nerfed, I thought they were too strong. I am also happy to see that Zerg are getting looked at although the upgrade only dealt with the buildings.

Oh well, back to playing Wo..StarCcraft. Yes, that's it.. StarCraft.


  1. glad Terran is finally getting nerfed
    ps: i also play Protoss

  2. keep playing it now...and invite me :D

  3. This is probably the first positive review ive heard about Starcraft 2, seems many are afraid of change

  4. lol. they're competing for you love. don't let either win.