Friday, July 26, 2013

Raggy Rock and that Hacker Good Feel

Started playing Ragnarok Online 2.. it's like an Asian WoW.. but oddly not as good or fun. Honestly, it makes me want to play RO1 or WoW. I guess it helps me get my fix when I need to play an RPG. God I miss RO.. fun times... too many hours of my life wasted.

Anyone who's played CS with me knows I'm inconsistent. I'm not inconsistent, I'm terribly inconsistent. I don't vary my skill day to day or week to week. It really is game to game, its kind of pathetic actually. I was playing CS:GO tonight and was just hitting all my shots, out thinking/playing everyone that everyone hated me. Including those on my team! You'd think they'd at least be happy to be winning. Oh well, felt good. Haven't been accused of being a hacker since 1.6. I think things are looking up... I should buy a lottery ticket.