Thursday, September 30, 2010


I don't remember seeing any pay guides back in the days of SC and SC:BW, but now I see people selling compilations of strategies that will send buyers straight to "Diamond League" or "CAL-I" (if CAL still existed that is). What happened to people posting strategies to help others get better to help, or to make the community as a whole more challenging? Is it the bad economic times, or are people just getting greedier?

What makes it worse is that most of these guides are just filled with common sense that any gamer will learn after playing for a few weeks. And the more in-depth strategies are just stolen from other places/people but reworded. It's amazing.

I remember finding a few top teams' play books for Counter-Strike, those were actually worthwhile, however I also found some pay-guides that stole those plays and did not give due credit. I do recall a guide of some sort from NiP-HeaToN that actually had video clips of him demonstrating certain maneuvers, that was pretty cool.

Also, I haven't been around the MMORPG scene in a long time, but there are a lot of gold farmers, power levelers, and things of that sort. I miss the good ole days of honest gaming.

GGnore. :(

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